Benefits of Probiotics for the Skin

Benefits of Probiotics for the Skin

You may have heard of probiotics as a key ingredient in your favorite yogurts or kombucha you consume. But did you know those probiotics have key beauty benefits that can give you healthier-looking skin you’ve always wanted?

Studies have shown that when our gut isn’t balanced, it can affect our emotions and skin. They all work together in a bigger way and are a reflection of one another.

That’s why a trusted probiotic is key to a healthier life. When you prioritize one into your daily routine, it can help you reach your gut health goals and provide you with the balance needed to achieve healthier skin. 

Let's take a closer look at what probiotics are and the benefits they can provide your skin: 

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that are found in fermented foods and dietary supplements. They are commonly known for helping maintain optimal gut health and give our immune system a boost. 

One thing to remember: any foods that have probiotics contain live organisms. When these live organisms are taken daily they work to rebalance the bacteria in our guts which can protect us from serious diseases, and promote proper bodily functions. 

Our bodies need good bacteria to outweigh the effects of the bad bacteria that live in our gut. 

Bad bacteria isn’t always harmful. However, if bad bacteria are abundant and there are not enough good bacteria, it can lead to unwanted medical conditions and illnesses. Good bacteria also help us digest foods, create vitamins, and help us properly break down nutrients. 

Probiotics are found in yogurt, kimchi, miso, kombucha, and other fermented foods. The most common probiotics that are in our foods are Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Brevis, and Leuconostoc Mesenteroides. 

People who want to prioritize probiotics but don't want to eat these types of foods daily can take a supplement, like our Probiotic + Fiber Gummy Dietary Supplement, which can promote microbiome balance and improve digestive tract function. 

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Another great solution is our Blueberry Dietary Supplement Powder. This powder includes four unique strains of probiotics to support digestive balance & immune function.

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Our skin is the largest organ in our body and we take care of our bodies and provide it with the nutrients needed to thrive. 

Benefits of probiotics for the skin 

Acne Treatment 

Studies have shown that when probiotics enter your body, they aim to lower the amounts of Propionibacterium acnes in your guts, which is known for causing acne and inflammation. 

Probiotics also work to restore and rebalance the bacteria of our gut microbiome. Which can positively benefit the skin microbiomes and may help heal acne or prevent more acne from forming. 

Reduce signs of aging 

Probiotics can provide you with a healthier, younger-looking complexion. Probiotics have been known for their ability to brighten the skin, fade dark spots and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Treat inflammatory conditions 

Regularly taking probiotics has been shown to help prevent unwanted skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. 

Applying probiotic-rich creams topically may help reduce redness or signs of inflammation due to the probiotic's anti-inflammatory properties. 

Protect your skin

If you apply probiotics topically to your skin every day, with a moisturizer like Probiotic Moisturizing Cream, your skin will build a natural defense against bad bacteria and toxins.

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Think of the probiotics working as a shield. After you apply it to your skin, the probiotic's antimicrobial properties will go to work to fight off bad bacteria and attack unwanted toxins. 

When there is balance in the gut there is balance everywhere. 

Taking the first step to prioritize your gut health and work to prevent bad bacteria from causing harm, you'll reduce your risk of inflammation and your skin will reap the benefits. If you haven't tried probiotics yet, we highly encourage you to see if it's a solution that works wonders for your skin.

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