Anti-aging Ingredients to Include in Your Skincare Routine

Anti-aging Ingredients to Include in Your Skincare Routine

Anti-aging skincare ingredients are some of the most sought-after ingredients on the market. Who doesn't want to maintain a youthful glow and combat pesky fine lines and wrinkles?

Let’s look at a few of the top anti-aging ingredients you can use and how you can start incorporating them into your skincare routine today.


Retinol is the holy grail of anti-aging. Retinol is made from vitamin A and is considered a type of retinoid. 

When you use it on your face or body, it seeps deep into your outer layer of skin and into your dermis. 

It’s great for neutralizing free radicals, boosting collagen levels, and improving elasticity. This is why some experience a plumping effect when using it regularly. 

If you’re looking to incorporate retinol into your skincare routine, you can use a serum or a moisturizer, like our Retinol Advanced Moisture Cream. The formula contains micro-encapsulated retinol to help boost firmness and improve overall texture and tone. 

The best part is: that there is no greasy residue! So you can apply it every day, wherever you please, with confidence. 

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Every skincare routine needs a trusted sunscreen. 

Without sunscreen or SPF, your skin faces the risk of damage caused by UV rays. UV ray damage is known to cause dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

We recommend using sunscreen year-round so you always have an extra layer of protection.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a must-have ingredient that will help you reach your skincare goals and maintain a healthy, natural glow. 

This ingredient has skin brightening components that help fade pigmentation and smoothen the skin surface. It’s also great for promoting collagen production and improving your skin's elasticity and firmness. 

Try our Vitamin C Brightening Moisture Cream. It contains micro-encapsulated vitamin C and easily absorbs right into the skin to improve efficacy and give you radiant, younger-looking skin. 

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Studies show that antioxidants can help prevent age-related changes. That's because antioxidants fight off free radicals and other environmental factors that can cause wrinkles, brown spots, and fine lines to appear on the skin. Antioxidants take many shapes and forms. 

Some common antioxidants are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, EGT, and Green Leaf Extract. You can incorporate more antioxidants into your routine as a moisturizer or a supplement.

You can choose to incorporate it as a supplement or a moisturizer, like our Sparkling Cranberry Moisturizing Cream. The rich formula contains powerful antioxidants and melts into your skin, creating a veil of unreal moisture. 

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We also have a Hydrolyzed Collagen Green Tea & Ginseng Supplement you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. It’s beneficial for your immune system and improves the quality of your skin, hair, and nails.

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Have you ever heard of Ceramides? Ceramides are lipids, and they make up roughly 50% of your skin barrier. They help keep your natural skin barrier healthy, which can help you maintain a youthful appearance. 

Unfortunately, the older we get, the more it impacts our ceramide levels. So we recommend adding extra ceramides to your skincare products. 

Our Dynamic Renewal Cream formula has a ceramides blend with 33 Botanical Super Complex. It can help hydrate, plump, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

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We recommend applying it to the neck and face after cleansing for the best results. 


As we get older, our bodies stop producing as much collagen. Collagen is needed in our body to maintain elasticity and firmness. 

That's one of the reasons that as we age, more wrinkles and fine lines become visible on the skin. 

To combat the lower levels of collagen, try a collagen moisturizer to help you achieve a more youthful appearance. 

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Anti-aging ingredients are a must for any skincare routine. They provide long-lasting benefits that will improve the appearance and complexion of your skin over time. 

As you look for new ingredients to help you achieve your goals and maintain a youthful glow, there’s something you should know. 

The key to using anti-aging ingredients is consistency. If you take the time to prioritize these ingredients in your skincare routine every day, you’re sure to see the difference over time. Trust the process and find what works best for you!

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