What Probiotics Can Do For Your Skin

What Probiotics Can Do For Your Skin

You've probably heard once or twice how essential probiotics are to your gut health. However, did you also know that your skin can benefit from probiotics, too? 

Probiotics contain powerful antioxidants that help combat free radicals and maintain optimal health. They are a must-have in every routine and can help you reach your skin and health goals.

Here's everything you need to know:

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are particularly good for your digestive system. With a belly full of good bacteria, you can maintain balance in your gut, which is beneficial for your entire body. 

If you didn't know: Over 70% of our immune system lives inside our guts. If your gut isn't balanced or there are not enough beneficial bacteria, your skin may exhibit irritating skin conditions like eczema. However, some studies suggest that applying probiotics as a topical cream can be just as beneficial. 

The Benefits for Your Skin

Great for Acne-Prone Skin

Probiotics are what we call beneficial bacteria. This good bacteria is great for maintaining balance in and outside the body. If you're an individual who feels like you're constantly combating acne and breakouts, you may need to incorporate more probiotic skincare solutions. The probiotics present in skincare will shield your skin from bad bacteria and visibly eliminate acne over time.

Stabilize Your Skin’s Microbiome

Probiotics are all about balance. Whether you're taking a supplement or using a probiotic skincare product: With probiotics in your daily routine, you'll stabilize your skin's microbiome and add a layer of protection against outside factors. These factors include UV rays, pollution, smoke, or other environmental stressors that can negatively impact the visual appeal of your skin. 

Retain Moisture 

Incorporating hydrating ingredients is key to your skin's overall health. With probiotic skincare products, you can help your skin retain moisture and create a moisture barrier to help protect you from environmental stressors. This will help your skin stay soft and supple, too!

Reduce Inflammation

Probiotics can help fight off irritants that cause irritation or redness. By strengthening your skin's microbiome, you'll have a shield that protects you from bad bacteria and reduces your risk of irritation-induced skin problems like rosacea or eczema.

Balance Your Skin's pH Levels

The presence of more probiotics in your skincare may also help you balance your pH levels. If your pH levels aren't balanced, it can lead to low collagen production, a decrease in elasticity, and premature signs of aging. With more probiotics, you can maintain a low pH level, making it stronger and more resistant to damage. 

Combat Signs of Aging 

Probiotics are known for helping improve your skin's elasticity. This helps minimize signs of aging that could be taking away from your youthful glow. Some studies suggest that Probiotics may also help increase collagen production. If you're struggling with fine lines and wrinkles: Consider making probiotics part of your daily routine. 

Incorporating More Probiotics Into Your Skincare

If you want to start experiencing the benefits of probiotics, you’ll need to start with a moisturizing cream to topically apply probiotics to your skin. 

Here is our recommended solution:

Probiotic Moisturizing Cream

Our moisturizing cream is a creamy, nourishing moisturizer specially formulated to offer a layer of probiotic protection throughout the day. The formula is designed to hydrate, protect, and strengthen your skin's natural protective barrier. For the best results, apply once in the morning and at night. 

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